[SHOCKING] Andy (47) Loses 55 lbs In Few Weeks & Reveals His Secret

“It wasn’t long ago when I was looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that I look terrible because of my fat belly. Now, thanks to StockholmDiet I look handsome & feel great” says Andy (47) who lost 55 lbs in really short period of time. Read this exclusive interview & find out where you can test your possibilities of losing weight & get a free consultation from expert nutritionist!

– What was your past experience with weight loss?

– I was like most people. I tried to eat less in the evenings and healthier during the days. I really thought it would help to keep my weight in line, but it didn’t help at all. I was convinced that losing weight was a long & complicated process, so I talked myself into the idea, that I don’t need to lose weight at all. I went back to my old habits & my stomach continued to grow.


– Why did you decide to do something about it right now?

– One day I looked in the mirror and had to be honest with myself – I looked terrible! And honestly, I was disgusted by myself. My weight was 258 lbs! I got angry at myself… I could not believe what I’d become. The weight made everything seem so heavy and this miserable view in the mirror was the last straw…


– Where did you learn about the Stockholm diet?

– My goal was to lose weight quickly as healthy as possible. I needed to see results otherwise I would lose my motivation. After searching the Internet for diets I stumbled upon stories from people who had positive experiences with the Stockholm diet. It seemed suspicious that everything in these stories complied with my requirements. They even gave a 100% guarantee that I will get the results I wanted. I had nothing to lose except for the weight (laughs).

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– How did it go, was it easy?

– After completing a test on their website I received an email with an individualised nutrition plan. I started to follow it immediately. Everything was simple and understandable, even for me! I lost 14 lbs in first couple of days! I was shocked! I felt more energised & my clothes started to feel lose. And yes, all in all I lost 55 lbs! Now I have a completely different view on myself and life in general. I literally feel like a new man!


– What would you recommend to someone who is overweight?

– Listen – take the weight issue seriously! Go to the page and get your own, personalised plan and then just follow the directions. It’s that easy! I have become an example for my friends & colleagues who have also started the Stockholm Diet. Now I receive compliments about how well I look. I hope that I can inspire you and you will give it a try. If not you, then I believe there will be many others who will step up and change their lives like I did.

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